Old Testament Aids

Aids for Your Study of the Old Testament

Videos, Maps, Charts, Handouts and Other materials below
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You might find this fireside on Keys to Understanding the Old Testament Helpful

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Helpful Videos

A Lecture on Old Testament descriptions of seeing God

A Lecture on the Book of Ruth, Covenant and Redemption

A Lecture on Latter-day Saint struggles with modern idolatry


Old Testament Video Series

Many years ago, for my classes on the Old Testament, I created a series of videos for my students. The purpose was to help them get some of the history, geography and archaeology outside of class so we could have larger and more important discussions in class. At the time I only had software that could do five minute videos, so often a topic is broken up into several short videos. They are amateur and hokey, and I know more now than I did then. Still, they convey some helpful information, so I thought I would share them here for those who might find them helpful.


Abraham Video 1
Abraham Video 2
Abraham Video 3
Abraham Video 4
Abraham Video 5

Isaac Video

Jacob Video 1
Jacob Video 2
Jacob Video 3

Joseph Video 1
Joseph Video 2

Moses Video

Exodus Route and Wandering in the Wilderness 1
Exodus Route and Wandering in the Wilderness 2

In the Wilderness and Trans-Jordan 1
In the Wilderness and Trans-Jordan and Balaam, 2
In the Wilderness, end of Numbers, some Deuteronomy, 3
Summary of Deuteronomy

Joshua and Conquest 1
Joshua and Conqeust 2

Judges 1
Judges 2



Saul 1
Saul 2

David 1.1 (1 Samuel 16-24)
David 1.2 (1 Samuel 16-24)

David 2.1 (1 Samuel 25 - 2 Samuel 7)
David 2.2 (1 Samuel 25 - 2 Samuel 7)

David 3.1 (2 Samuel 8-23)
David 3.2 (2 Samuel 8-23)
David 3.3 (2 Samuel 8-23)
David 3.4 (2 Samuel 8-23)

Solomon Video 1.1 
Solomon Video 1.2
Solomon Video 1.3

Divided Kingdom Video 1.1 (for when Rehoboam loses much of the kingdom)
Divided Kingdom Video 1.2
Divided Kingdom Video 1.3

Omri Video 1.1
Omri Video 1.2
Omri Video 1.3

Elisha Video 1.1
Elisha Video 1.2

Jonah Video

Downfall of Israel 1.1
Downfall of Israel 1.2
Downfall of Israel 1.3
Downfall of Israel 1.4

Downfall of Judah video 1.1
Downfall of Judah video 1.2
Downfall of Judah video 1.3
In this video I accidentally say "Ural Mountains" when I mean the "Zagros Mountains". Sorry about that. What are you going to do with me?
Downfall of Judah video 1.4
Downfall of Judah video 1.5