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Out of the Dust

The Facebook Group

Join the Out of the Dust Facebook Group. In the group we

  • Post interesting articles about the ancient world
  • Announce lectures by Dr. Muhlestein
  • Announce interesting lectures by others
  • Announce events, conferences, and symposia
  • Announce tours
  • Announce forthcoming books, movies, podcasts, etc.


The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Cultures

SPARC is a society that brings the ancient world to you and supports the creation of more knowledge about it. SPARC helps support a number of projects in the ancient world, including excavations in Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. It also helps students in those countries and supports conservation efforts in order to preserve the remains and artifacts of the ancient world. 

For a very small fee you can join SPARC. Joining brings you

  • The chance for live online lectures on Gospel topics
  • The chance for live online lectures about excavations, the scriptures, and other elements of the ancient world
  • The chance to view online previous lectures
  • First priority for tours with Dr. Muhlestein
  • the newsletter about Dr. Muhlestein's excavation and other SPARC projects
  • Occasional live events
  • And more!

To learn more, go to SPARC's website. You will love it!

Coming soon: A podcast hosted by Kerry Muhlestein called The Scriptures are Real. In this podcast we focus on times that the scriptures became real to us. There is a power in the scriptures, and that power is magnified when we realize how real they are. The people in them are real, the stories are real, the doctrines are real, and when we feel that in our souls we identify with them more. We are also better able to apply them to our own lives. We all have a great need to tap more fully into the power of the scriptures, and this podcast is designed to help us do just that.

Dr. Kerry Muhlestein and his co-host, Lamar Newmeyer, not only share their own stories of when something made the scriptures become real for them, but they also interview others, seeking out their stories of how and when the scriptures became more real, and the effect that had on their lives.

While this is not a podcast designed to cover all of Come Follow Me, we will try to release and arrange them in an order that can facilitate those who are doing Come Follow Me.

The podcast will be released soon. Look for it!